justASK! is a small consultancy company located in East Flanders. Our vision is to better utilise available resources and get to a more sustainable, green, and energy-efficient future.

We are busy in all sort of projects ranging from renewables over SME support, EU projects, and engineering designs. We are happy to provide any tailor-made solution for your business, please contact us using the links below or the email form on our 'contact' page.

Our offer

We make your business our business! We would like to improve your business performance by improved solutions covering a wide range of business sectors.

From IT and network solutions, over engineering applications and renewable energies, to project and change management solutions. We make your business grow, fast and efficient.

Meet the experts

Nathalie Rousseau

E: nathalie@just-ask.solutions
M: +32 473 66 16 21

Nathalie Rousseau has an IT background. She has worked in renewables for more than 15 years before she moved to lobbying work at the EU in Brussels for more than six years in the field of renewables, and later in transport and logistics. She is writing applications for funding in Flanders and the EU. She is currently involved in IT projects across Belgium.

Andreas Kortenhaus

E: andreas@just-ask.solutions
M: +32 486 53 46 51

Andreas has an engineering background. He has ample experience in wind energy projects, ocean energy, offshore engineering, and coastal engineering. He has been involved in many EU projects from the application until the final delivery. More recently, he is involved in SME support, digitisation, and transport & logistics. Andreas holds a university professor position in coastal and offshore engineering at Ghent University and is an expert in small- and mid-size wind energy projects.

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