CE~Cloud is an Excel 365 software which features a couple of design tools for coastal structures and is now available in its first version. It works with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macros in the background and runs on all Windows systems where Microsoft Excel is installed. It will not run on Macbooks nor on tablets or smart phones due to the different Microsoft apps installed on these machines. Macros have to be accepted when opening the file.

The tool is built in a way that it can be extended and/or amended easily. Details about the tool can be found in the introduction sheet of the tool and the various help files it contains.

If you are interested to download the file, please fill the form below and get the link to download.

CE~Cloud features:

  • sheets for water level, wave, wind, and current inputs ( a second tool with which detailed data analysis can be performed will be available soon)
  • design sheets for pile structures, sea dikes, vertical breakwaters, and rubble mound breakwaters
  • calculations for wave run-up and overtopping
  • wave-induced forces
  • stability calculations
  • cost estimations
  • cross-sections
  • etc.


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