justASK! offers solutions and expertise in various areas. You will find an overview here on top and more details further below. You may also wish to have a look on our projects page where we describe recent and running projects in more detail.

  • Business solutions
    • Workflow optimisation
    • Digitisation
    • Office hardware and software setup and maintenance
    • Book keeping
    • Mass emailing
    • Backup solutions
    • GDPR compliance
  • Project management
    • Management of small and large projects
    • Business case calculations
    • Project proposals
    • Funding applications (national, EU, international)
  • IT
    • network solutions
    • server set-up
    • PC and laptop updates (hard- and software)
    • hard- and software maintenance
    • Digitisation of office workflows
    • Website design and maintenance (WordPress, Joomla)
    • Software development and scripting
  • Renewables
    • wind measurements
    • wind analysis
    • wind turbines
    • hybrid solutions
    • energy consumption analysis
  • Transport & logistics
    • EU policies & Green Deal
    • project management
    • Physical Internet (PI)
    • Digitalisation
  • ¬†Engineering
    • Data analysis
    • Extreme value analysis
    • Coastal engineering
    • Offshore engineering

Business solutions: justASK! optimises your workflow by using up-to-date business solutions, cloud-based or local. We are experts in digitising your business and providing solutions for your every day work. This comprises, but is not limited to, e-mail solutions, mass email software, office tools, book keeping and accounting software, website restructuring and maintenance, customer relations, database programming and setup, backup solutions, GDPR compliance, and many more.

Project management: we have ample experience in project management, ranging from small internal projects over European funded projects to international large-scale projects. justASK! provides expertise from the very first moment, including funding application, until the final project deliverable. We are multi-lingual (Dutch, English, German, French) and ....

IT: we are experts in IT solutions.

Renewables: we provide services on onshore wind measurements and analysis, site assessments for wind turbines, horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines, consumption data analysis, business case analysis, project management, etc. We will, together with our customers, also plan, design, and install wind turbines. In the field of offshore ocean energy, justASK! provides expertise in almost all areas of offshore wind (data collection and analysis, design, turbine selection, farm analysis, costs, business case, etc.).

Transport & Logistics: justASK! is involved in EU projects dealing with the European Green Deal and the future of transport and logistics.

Engineering: we perform all sorts of data collection and analysis, the latter ranging from simple display of data over gap and trend analysis to directional, statistical, and extreme value analysis. In the field of coastal engineering we have ample experience in the estimation and transformation of waves, the measurement and analysis of data, the interaction of waves and coastal structures, the design and response of coastal structures, safety assessments of coasts, risk assessments, or any other related topic. As for offshore engineering, our strength lies in the design and planning of offshore wind farms, including the assessment of sites, annual energy production, wind turbine selection, the engineering design, farm layout, and business case analysis.

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