Wind studies (2017-2021)

Wind measurements and analysis studies
(Wind studies)

Several wind studies have been performed by justASK! for various locations in Belgium within the past years. The projects comprised several months of wind measurements with a traditional met mast and/or a wind lidar (laser-based measurement system), and the detailed analysis of all data. Results were summarised in reports for further use.


The projects aimed to

  • provide detailed measurements of wind speeds and directions at the location;
  • analyse all wind data to provide sufficient information for installations of small- or mid-size wind turbines;
  • compare measured wind data with (long-term) average wind speeds available from different sources.

Analysis details

We are collecting data like wind speed (average and max) and wind directions, but also temperatures and atmospheric pressures. Typical wind speed measurements average all data over 10 min. and will then be further analysed over different time intervals (hours, days, weeks, etc.), depending on the length of measurements. Data processing include filtering, data gap analysis, trend analysis, extreme value analysis, and others.

The analysis include

  • time series of wind speeds (average and max.) at different heights;
  • time series of wind directions;
  • wind roses (see example on the left);
  • effect of filtering;
  • extreme value distributions for different heights;
  • vertical wind profiles;
  • comparison and extrapolation to long-term measurements;
  • and much more ...

What can justASK! do for you?

Together with our partners, we are performing wind measurement studies, using met masts and wind lidars. We will plan and set up these campaigns, collect, process and analyse the data. We also provide detailed reports to our clients and advise how to interpret the data and what to do next.

justASK! will assist you in understanding the wind on your site. Together with a consumption analysis, we can also provide you with relevant, up-to-date information about installing wind turbine(s), incl. cost and business case analysis, legal, and engineering aspects. JUST ASK!

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