The project

How can we make all this a project? We have seen from the previous info screens that we have to look into quite some details before we can actually build and use a wind turbine. All these steps can / will be part of a project called 'Your wind turbine'. Here we will discuss this in a bit more detail.

Project details

Typically projects are following a so-called 'tiered approach', starting from a 'feasibility level' over 'preliminary design' to 'detailed design'. Each level uses different details of data, starting from easily available data to detailed measurements, and different tools (from simple analysis tools to sophisticated modelling). The accuracy and details of the results of these levels are also different, ranging from a high-level estimate to detailed results and low uncertainties.

Typically, the costs are higher with higher levels but the uncertainty decreases. However, even the first level should already give you the answer whether it is worth continuing and whether the business case will be psositive (enough). The highest level will give you all the details and the best estimation of what you can expect in terms of energy production and return on your investment.

First steps

We can certainly not describe all steps of the project here in detail. That would be a lot to read! But we can give you a flavour of the first steps needed to get rolling. We propose the following first steps:

  • Site analysis: simple site investigation via available online tools and information from the site owner (location details, height of buildings, trees, neighbourhood, potentially some photos);
  • Wind analysis: check available sources for wind speed and direction in the area, cross-check with potential shade effects;
  • Consumption: high-level estimate of the consumption based on an energy bill and description of the 'consumers';
  • Pre-selection of turbine and location: based on the previous steps one or more turbines are pre-selected and an ideal location for the turbine will be found;
  • Simulation: using this information the energy production will be simulated;
  • Business case: a first analysis will be done regarding the viability of the wind turbine, resulting in the answer to the key question whether investing in a wind turbine is the right thing to do.

And once the last point is positive, we are taking it from there and move to measurements on site, more details of the analysis, and a preliminary design.

What can justASK! do for you?

justASK! will perform your project for you until the point where a turbine is selected and the necessary permissions are obtained. We will then connect you to the wind turbine suppliers for the installation and grid connection. We will also go through each of the previous steps, communication of our findings to you and deciding about the next steps is always key for us. We are looking forward to realise your wind turbine with you!

So, justASK! will assist you in managing the whole project, starting from the overall analysis of your site, throughout all levels, performing the measurements and analysis of wind, the simulation of power production and consumption, legal applications, subsidies, costs, business case analysis, and engineering aspects. Let's do a project together!  JUST ASK!

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