The legislation

From the analysis we know what power we generate and which part of that we use ourselves and which part we sell. We also know which wind turbine we principally need and at which height it operates. The question is now what will be needed to build and run such a wind turbine. What is the legislation behind it and is it different in Flanders or Wallonia, or any neighbouring country?

Flanders ...

Permits for mid-scale wind turbines are the same than permits for construction works (bouwvergunning) and typically require a plan view and technical details of the machine, together with details of the foundation, technical specification of the machine (such as height, diameter, weight, etc.). In Flanders, the following permits apply:

  • 2012: sectorale milieuvoorwaarden – for large wind turbines but with values also for small- and mid-size wind turbines (see here or here)
  • 2009: Omzendbrief RO/2009/01 for small- and medium-size wind turbines
  • 2006: Omzendbrief : EME/2006/01-RO/2006/02 for wind turbines in general

But what is the definition of small, mid-size, and large in Flanders? The Flemish circular ('omzendbrief') from 2009 defines this as follows:

  • Small wind turbines are turbines with a hub height of less or equal than 15 m;
  • Mid-size wind turbines are turbines with a hub height larger than 15 m AND a capacity of less or equal than 300 kW;
  • Large wind turbines are turbines with a capacity of larger than 300 kW.

... and elsewhere?

How is the legislation outside Flanders? Different countries have different rules, sometimes very different, sometimes even dependent on the regions (e.g. in Germany within the 'Bundesländer'). In most countries, however, it is linked or similar to permits for construction works with some countries having a 'no-permit' policy for very small wind turbines (e.g. below 10m tip height, meaning that the rotating blades cannot exceed 10m in total). It would be too extensive to list them all here, especially since these rules are often adapted to new requirements, technologies, and (national) policies.

The most important thing is to find out about the relevant legislation as soon as possible. This will avoid extra efforts and additional work.

What can justASK! do for you?

justASK! will assist you in getting the necessary permission for your wind turbine. Depending on your location and the size of the turbine we will support you in writing the right applications to the right administrative body. We will also advise with respect to potential subsidies and how to apply for them.

justASK! will assist you in managing the wind turbine project, starting from the overall analysis of your site, measurements and analysis of wind, simulation of power production and consumption, legal applications, subsidies, costs, business case analysis, and engineering aspects. It's a lot to consider but together we can do. JUST ASK!

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