ProDeich project extended

The ProDeich project (see details here) dealing with the safety assessment of sea dikes in Denmark has gone into a new round.

Earlier this year, the Danish Coastal Authority (DCA), together with the Danish Meteorological Institure (DMI) has won a project improving the background knowledge the calculations performed in 2018 until 2020. The new project comprises, amongst others, soil investigations of all relevant dikes, drone flight campaigns about the actual conditions of the dikes, and an improvement of weather and water level predictions during storms.

A first test has already been performed for a pre-selected dike, using manual inspection of the grass cover and soil investigations at various locations. It is expected that soil investigations will be available in the second part of the year. In parallel, calculations with updated information will be performed and are expected to result in more reliable predictions of the dike safety of the respective dikes.

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