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Tool for data analysis published

An Excel-based tool for data analysis has been released today. The DAATO tool is freely available here from the website (see link below). ‘DAATO’ stands for ‘DAta Analysis TOols’ and assists in analysing time series of coastal data. It is meant to work with data such as wind, water levels, […]

First version of CE~Cloud available

CE~Cloud is an Excel 365 software which features a couple of design tools for coastal structures and is now available in its first version. It works with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macros in the background and runs on all Windows systems where Microsoft Excel is installed. It will not […]

PLATINA3 project finalised

The EU project PLATINA3 (Platform for the implementation of a future inland navigation action programme) officially terminated on 30/06/2023. PLATINA3 was a Horizon 2020 funded EU ‘Coordination and support action’ (CSA) which centred around inland navigation and waterways. It provided targeted coordination and support activities to promote Inland Waterways Transport […]

ProDeich project extended

The ProDeich project (see details here) dealing with the safety assessment of sea dikes in Denmark has gone into a new round. Earlier this year, the Danish Coastal Authority (DCA), together with the Danish Meteorological Institure (DMI) has won a project improving the background knowledge the calculations performed in 2018 […]

EU project PLANET successfully finalised

The research project PLANET (Progress towards Federated Logistics through the Integration of TEN-T into A Global Trade Network), funded by the European Commission, has been successfully finalised at the end of May 2023.  PLANET was running over three years and addressed the challenges of assessing the impact of emerging global […]

FENIX project has passed the finish line

The CEF funded EU project FENIX (A European FEderated Network of Information eXchange in Logistics) has been finished after four years of research and implementation. 45 partners in Europe have worked on 11 implementation cases (so-called Pilot Sites) in 9 TEN-T corridors. FENIX was aiming to support the development, validation, […]

NREL supports small- and mid-wind

End of December 2022, NREL has selected manufacturers of small- and mid-wind turbine technology for funding in 2022 until 2023. The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Competitiveness Improvement Project (CIP) is designed to reduce the cost of distributed wind energy and accelerate deployment of small- and medium-sized wind turbines across the […]