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The analysis

So what next? We have wind measurements and we do have an overview of the consumption on site. We have also pre-selected a wind turbine. How do we bring this together? The analysis will have to show us whether the wind at the site can produce the power we need […]

The legislation

From the analysis we know what power we generate and which part of that we use ourselves and which part we sell. We also know which wind turbine we principally need and at which height it operates. The question is now what will be needed to build and run such […]

The measurements

Wind is key for any wind turbine. Without the necessary wind at the location of the turbine the blades are not spinning and the generator will not produce (sufficient) power. It is therefore essential to know about the wind (speed and direction) as accurately as possible. This is the reason […]

The location

Installing a wind turbine is mostly dependent on whether you have (sufficient) wind at the location or not. Due to local obstacles (buildings, trees, infrastructure), even 50 m difference in the location can make a huge difference in the power production. So how can this be solved? We will have […]

The project

How can we make all this a project? We have seen from the previous info screens that we have to look into quite some details before we can actually build and use a wind turbine. All these steps can / will be part of a project called ‘Your wind turbine’. […]

The consumption

Now that we have the wind measured, we still need to know: what is our consumption? How much energy are we consuming? The total per year you will find on your energy bill, but what is the daily consumption? What is a typical profile per day? Or on the weekend? […]

The turbine

So what next? We have wind measurements and we do have an overview of the consumption on site. The next step is to pre-select a wind turbine. In this first step, the turbine needs to provide about the required yearly energy production or maybe a bit more. The fine-tuning later […]

The costs

And what does it all cost? A key question to the installation of any renewable energy device is how many investments are needed and whether this will pay off, and when. We therefore need to look into cost details in a bit more detail to get to know whether the […]

The idea

Wind This is what it is all about: wind. But where does it come from? It is probably not so well known that wind is actually a form of solar energy by the combination of: the sun heating up the atmosphere unevenly; the irregularities of the earth’s surface; and the […]

Wind energy

Our key interest and expertise is on wind, both onshore and offshore. Let us talk about onshore wind first. If you, however, would like to look into offshore wind immediately, here is your direct link. Onshore wind